In the second part of the trilogy, ART GIGOLO (premiere: 30.4.2003, Kampnagel Hamburg), Roller questions the relevance of dance as art and the concept of state cultural funding. What tax monies are actually danced away? Why must art be subsidized by the state? And how does a dancer justify what he does? In search of answers to the question of the value of his art, Roller focuses in ART GIGOLO on the position he takes in the labour market with his profession. He wants to know whether his work is even worth it: Using the methods of a managing consultant, he explores the economical and societal relevance of his art production. Here, he comes to the conclusion that art is never worth it when one begins to calculate. So he offers himself to his audience as an ART GIGOLO who satisfies his need for art arising from pure love.

Concept/Choreography/Performance:  Jochen Roller
Artistic collaboration:  Florian Feigl
Choreography ‚Mittarfimmut’:  Rasmus Andrassen
Ton:  Lars-Egge Müggenburg
Lightdesign:  Marek Lamprecht
Production:  Ans Brockfeld
Tourmanagement:  DepArtment
Duration: 40 min.
A production by Jochen Roller in coproduction with Kampnagel Hamburg. Funded by the Art Council of the City of Hamburg.
photos: Friedemann Simon