AROUND THE WORLD – Die Reise bin ich

In Around the World – Die Reise bin ich (Around the World – I Am the Trip), Jochen Roller let seven dancers and performers successively meet in a living room to dream themselves into faraway lands: On board the wardrobe and belted to the sofa, it’s off to Tokyo, where two schoolgirls dance their way through the crowds of their own apartment and meet a lonely French tourist who walks along the living room carpet as if he’s tracing a city map. A business woman looks for the centre of the city: Is it rather near the lamp stand or close to the armchair? Closed spaces, open dreams: The trip into imaginary life ends in one’s own bed where one’s bellybutton becomes the centre of the world. Regardless of where we fly, we always stay where we are. On our own feet.

“Let’s say we would go by boat directly to the date line in the Pacific and it would be 5 to midnight to Wednesday, and we would pass the date line right at midnight, would it be Thursday on the other side?”

A production by Jochen Roller in Coproduction with Kampnagel Hamburg and PODEWIL Berlin.
Funded by the Art Council of the City of Hamburg.
Kampnagel Hamburg, 17. – 27.4.2002
PODEWIL Berlin, 23. – 25.5.2002
Antoine Effroy, Carmen Mehnert, Marcus Reinhardt, Jochen Roller, Natasha Vahlendieck, Sue-Ying Zabala
Artistic Director: Jochen Roller
Stage Design: Ina Reuter
Costumes: Sharon Rohardt
Video Editing: Alex Large
Light Design: Marek Lamprecht
photos: Ina Reuter