In the dance piece, seven dancers explore the many ways of writing pictures through movement. The pictographs that are created work like a choreographic palimpsest: Beyond its shape on stage are layers of different meaning. In golden costumes, the dancers bodies appear like fluid material that form alchemical imaginations against the white backdrop of the stage. The dance piece is a collaboration between Jochen Roller and Korean National Contemporary Dance Company.

Premiere 19th June 2015, Seoul Art Center (Korea)

Dancers: Kim Hee Jung, Noh Wha Yeon, Park Jae Yong, Shim Sung Yoon, Lee Ji Hyeon,
Liu Young Sean, Choi Hee Jae
Choreography: Jochen Roller
Costume Design: Sebastian Ellrich
Music: Kim Sunghwan
Light Design: Kong Younhwa
Photos by Choi Chul Su